A venue steeped in history


The Nuit des 3 Lieux, one of the three venues which make up in our charming triptych, has 26 rooms and 2 suites located in its 19th century Manor and studios. With “Arts and Crafts” and “Boatmen” themed décor, the Nuit des 3 Lieux breaks with hotel tradition by offering a variety of room categories.


Predominantly bright rooms reflecting the light at the river’s edge, a peaceful journey through the land of the Loire… our entire team will guide you as you explore.


Situated near Angers, the hotel combines well-being and great services. La Nuit des 3 Lieux radiates the good life and exquisite simplicity.


Make yourself at home!



Its history



“Les 3 Lieux” is set in an authentic location steeped in history, forging a link between the many families in the economic area of Ponts-de-Cé. Here’s the story of its past.

 In 1927, the Maison Cannelle was created in the Belfort area, specialising in fishing goods. It was a flourishing industry with a renowned fishing hook factory.

It was not until after the Second World War that the factory, which had taken refuge on the banks of Loire, set up at Ponts-de-Cé, soon becoming one of the flagships of local business.

Although the site remained an exceptional location, economic reality caught up with the Maison Cannelle. Under fierce competition from the Chinese market, it closed its doors in 2000, leaving behind a history rooted in the region as well as industrial buildings and a plush bourgeois house – almost 1,600 m² to be exploited on the banks of the Loire. The site was taken over by the Ponts-de-Cé council, which decided to turn it into an arts centre with the “Rive d’Arts” project, including all kinds of craftsmen such as ceramic artists, glassblowers, illuminators and painters. The Maison Cannelle continued to exist in everyone’s heart as a place of memories and a forum for sharing.


Finally, almost 15 years after the Maison Cannelle closed, new impetus was given to this unique venue in the shape of the “Les 3 Lieux” hotel complex. Bringing together a bistro, a gourmet restaurant and a boutique hotel, this location steeped in history in the area surrounding Angers continues to bring life and sophistication to the banks of the River Loire, with expertise which began back in 1945.

Now the “Les 3 Lieux” and “Rive d’Arts” will stand side by side in a unique place.

A unique project for a unique location.