Confirmation of Reservation:

Any reservation is confirmed by the hotel, with the apposition “Well for Agreement” a deposit (advance) at the level of 30% of the projected amount of the order terms of sale “signed with the apposition” Well for Agreement ”

Guarantee of Reservation:

  • Chambers (Rooms):
    The exact number of participants must be confirmed at the date of the meeting.
  • Flatware:
    The exact number of flatware must be confirmed at the latest one week before the date of the demonstration (appearance).

It is these numbers (chambers) and flatware) that will serve as base (basis) of invoicing.
The Direction (Management) reserves the right to cancel the events of force majeure or coincidences (strike, fire, water damage, etc.).

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Cancellation made more than 10 days from the date of the event will result in the refund of the deposit paid. (i.e. 30%)
Any cancellation occurring between 48 hours and 10 days before the date of arrival of the participants will result in the billing of 50% of the price of the services reserved and cancelled.
For any cancellations 24 hours before the date of arrival of the participants, as well as for the «no-show», the hotel will charge all the services reserved and cancelled.


All extras must be set up on site by each participant prior to departure. In the absence of payment of these services by the participants, these sums will be directly invoiced to the client who is jointly and severally responsible for their payment.

Terms and Conditions of Settlement:

Payment of the services will be made on departure from the hotel (unless prior agreement of the Management on signature of the estimate) or on receipt of invoice within a maximum of 8 days after the date of departure of the client.

Penal Clause:

In the absence of payment within the period specified above, the customer must pay from the date of the due date without prior notice, and without prejudice to any damages:

An indemnity fixed as a penal clause equal to 15 % of the amount TTC of the unpaid debt (renewable until the end of the maturity)

Termination of the Services:

In the event of total or partial non-payment by the client at any of the agreed deadlines, the hotelier will have the right to suspend automatically, provisionally or definitively, any delivery of services without prejudice to any claim for damages which may be made against the defaulting customer.


The organiser undertakes to invite only persons whose behaviour is in no way likely to harm the hotel, which reserves the right to intervene if necessary.

The customer will not be able to bring any food or drink from outside.

In the case of events that have the character of exhibiting materials or valuables, we advise our customers to kindly take out insurance at their own expense that may cover any damage to them-wherever these materials are stored (hallway, room, meeting room, parking).


Any dispute which could not have been settled amicably between the parties will be the sole jurisdiction of the court of Angers.